Texas Romantic Weekend Getaways

Texas Romantic Getaways
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Romantic Getaway Ideas

Texas Weekend Getaways


This is a BIG state that can pack a BIG punch when you only have a weekend's time to find a little romance. You'll probably had trouble focusing on just a few possibilities, but to help you along, here are our top suggestions for a weekend romantic getaway in the Lone Star State.



Austin Live Music

1. A Weekend of Music (and more) in Austin.

For American music lovers there may be no better way to soend the weekend than in Austin, Texas. Billed as "The Live Music Capital of the World." Austin is home to South by Southwest Music, the US's largest music festival, as well as the ACL Music Festival, Austin City Limits, The Urban Music Festival and many, many others. It's not all country twang here either. There is incredible versatility of music genres and styles including blues, country, reggae, jazz, conjunto, Tejano, swing and rock and nearly 200 live music venues around the cityto hear it in. You can't miss the seven block's of 6th Street located between Congress and IH 35 considered the most famous street in Texas. Oh, and the Warehouse District, and the public parks, and the film festivals. Did I mention the restaurants? What are you waiting for?

2. Learn to Rope and Ride at a Texas Ranch.

If you've always wanted to take a ride on the range atop a faithful steed, or learn to rope cattle, or cookout over and open campfire, Texas is the place to go. You and some special can make reservations at any of the 70 guest and working ranches that offer guests a taste of the real cowboy life. Real cowboys, ropin real cows and eating real chuck wagon food. Working Ranches or Dude Ranches like Sierra Diablo Ranch and Enchanted Springs Ranch (just to name two) will allow you to leave your city life behind, trade those work shoes for cowboy boots, and breathe some open air on your next romantic Texas weekend getaway.

Texas Coast


3. Sun, Sand and Surf from Galveston to South Padre Island.

There are 600 miles of beaches along the gulf of Mexico that are not to be missed. The perfect romantic Texas weekend may begin and end right here along Texas' southern coast. A popular Spring Break spot for college students, this region entertains all year round with great restaurants, luxurious resorts, and a thriving nightlife too. There are no privately owned beaches in Texas, which means visitors can have access to every inch of these beautiful beaches for strolling, sunning, and shell collecting. The warm waters of the Gulf Coast mean you can expect to see jumping dolphins, sea turtles, and lots of other amazing ocean life. Take the Ferry from Padre Island to Mustang Island and Port Aransas for secluded and pristine beaches and fantastic shopping and dining. Whether you choose the most notable seaside escapes of Corpus Christi or Galveston, or you opt for hidden gems like Freeport or Port Aransas, you can count on a having a wonderful Texas weekend getaway.

4. Visit the Dallas Arts District.

You'd think it would be New York City, Los Angeles, or even Chicago's honor to be home to the country's largest art district, but nope.The Dallas, Arts District, in Dallas Texas holds that title. Texas does everything BIG, including their art. This monstrous place spans 68 acres and 19 continuous blocks where art galleries and museums abound. This area is host to lots of events and festivals year round. So find a swanky Dallas hotel and spend the weekend strolling this amazing place!

Secluded Texas weekend travel for two just a short drive away!

If you happen to live in Texas, traveling to a small and secluded place is easy. Lodging rates in small hidden towns like Midland, Longview, San Angelo or Galveston can be much less expensive. Many of the smaller towns in Texas offer great little B&B's or cabin rentals making a quick weekend escape easy and inexpensive. There are always quaint little shops to explore as well as great home cooking at local restaurants. Above all, small towns can offer real quiet and seclusion for a perfect romantic weekend getaway.

A Texas Romantic Weekend Getaway right under your nose?

If you live in or near a Texas major metropolitan area like Lubbock, Dallas, El Paso or Houston, there are many great deals and weekend getaway opportunities at your own back door. There are world class resorts in these great cities that offer tremedous savings during the travel off seasons. Many resorts and spas offer packages designed to entice locals to come and explore the pampering they offer. Although you aren't going far from home, the right resort or hotel can make you feel as if you are another world away.

Texas Weekend Getaway - Jet Away!

Hop a Flight

Hop a flight to see Historic Route 66 or Palo Duro Canyon or attend Tri-State Fair & Rodeo in Amarillo in September or Annual Mardi Gras Upriver Inc. in Jefferson in February. Just because it's a weekend doesn't mean it won't be memorable. The important thing to remember when considering far away romantic travel with only a weekend to spare is to find something specific you especially want to experience while you're there. Consider checking out some of the great Texas events like Annual Winter Night Ceremonials in Amarillo in February or Fifth Annual Chocolate Festival in Grapevine in March. A weekend is definitely not enough time to explore all of Texas, but what could be more romantic than hopping a short flight to have a romantic dinner and see a show on Saturday in Lubbock, and then enjoy brunch Sunday morning and heading home. Maybe a wonderful Amarillo resort offers a great weekend spa package for two, giving you just enough time to relax, unwind and connect with one another. The best thing about weekend getaways is they help give us great ideas for future travel destinations. Imagine when you're coworkers ask you "So what did you do this weekend?" you can say "Well, on Saturday I had lunch... in Lubbock."

For additional Texas weekend getaway travel information including other attractions, accommodations, and popular local events, you can contact the Texas Department of Commerce, Tourism Division at P.O. Box 12728, Austin, TX 78711 Telephone: 512-462-9191.

Romantic Weekend Getaway in TX

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